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In all my years wandering the vast expanse of wasted information that is the Internet, I have learned one thing about it's denizens: most of them have no sense of satire or sarcasm.

I suspect this is related to the overall dumbing down of comedy Matt was talking about last week.


Who's going to give poor Mary advice when she realizes Dr. Jeff is a liar? TOMMY! TOMMY!

P.S. - I heard "Saturday Night" on Bob FM this morning, and it was great! I haven't heard that song in 20 or 30 years and it fun to sing along with. (Kind of ironic since you just posted the 13Q sheet.) If I had an Ipod, it would be on it.

Funky Dung

What restaurant? You didn't link to the post mentioned.


Funkster (or is it Dungster?) -- oops, I meant to mention that I wasn't going to link to them because I didn't want to give them any more publicity. I'll email you the link, though.


Golf cart? I thought that maybe Dr. Jeff was driving a souped up model T. But if is WAS a golf cart, it must have been Wednsday's strip. And my gawd, did they just complete one of the sorriest story lines ever?

Library Cat

I thought that was Jeff on his boat, especially with the seagulls in the background. Or whatever they are, this is without a doubt the most bird heavy comic strip in existence. And that includes Shoe.

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